Preparing Your House

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First Impressions are everything

First Impressions are everything

First impressions are everything—especially when it comes to selling your home. Preparing your property for sale gives you a major advantage over your competition. Use the following suggestions to prepare your house for the sale.

  • Make sure every room in the home—including basements, closets, attics and garages—are tidy and clean.

  • Pack all personal items that are not necessary for the remainder of your time in the house.

  • It is easier for potential buyers to feel at home at a place that does not have many family photographs, collectibles, trophies and ornaments on display.

  • Put your boxes and other bulky items in storage. This will make your property look more spacious.

  • Let one of our trained staff to come and review your home. They will be able to point out the areas that may need more paint or a superficial repair to increase your property’s value.

  • Do not spend huge sums of money remodeling. You have no way of knowing what the next owner will like and dislike.


How to deal with common problem areas:


  • Curb Appeal: Inspect driveways and sidewalks for cracking or crumbling. Patch as necessary.

  • Lawn and Yard: Grass should be cut and edged, hedges trimmed, leaves raked and gardens weeded. Plant seasonal colorful flowers to brighten up your yard.

  • Windows: Clean windows inside and out to give your home a "brighter" feel.

  • External Aspect: Make sure the exterior is in good condition. Paint or power-wash as needed.

  • Roof and Gutters: Your roof, gutters and down pipes should be in good condition and free of leaves.

  • Front Entrance: Apply a fresh coat of paint to enhance your property’s appearance. Add potted plants and welcome doormats (in good condition!) to put potential buyers in the right frame of mind.


  • Kitchen: The kitchen is one of the most important areas in the house. Make sure that the sink, counter tops and all appliances are clean and uncluttered. Flooring should be in good repair.

  • Bathrooms: Keep them spotless, fresh and dry. If necessary, repair grouting around the bath and between the tiles and scrub tiles with mildew remover. Towels and rugs should be clean and neat. Mirrors and glass shower doors should be sparkling clean.

  • Bedrooms: Keep them neat. Beds should be made and clothing put away. Try to keep toys tidy in children’s rooms.

  • Walls and Woodwork: Keep them clean and free from marks. If you repaint, choose light neutral colors such as beige and off-whites, which have the widest appeal to the largest percentage of buyers. If you have any rooms decorated in dark colors you should consider repainting to make them look bigger.

  • Closets and Cabinets: Storage spaces appear much larger when they are neat and organized.

  • Window Treatments: Curtains and shades should be clean and left open to give your home a bright and airy feeling.

  • Plumbing: Be certain that all taps, showers and toilets work properly and do not leak.

  • Fans and Air Conditioners: Keep units clean and well maintained. Remove dust and dirt from the exterior of the unit and any air vents and in-takes. Repair noisy fans. Replace or paint rusty fan blades.

  • Lighting and Sound: Bright, cheerful lighting creates a positive environment. Open the blinds and turn on lights during showings. Make sure there are no blown light bulbs. Turn off the TV, dishwasher and other noisy appliances, and play soft background music.


Additional Tips:

  • Make sure your agent has a feature sheet available for prospective buyers. A survey of your property can also be very helpful.

  • Think safety first. Remove and repair all items that could cause visitors to stumble or get hurt in any way.

  • Odors from pets, smoking or cooking can prevent a sale. Make sure your home looks and smells fresh.

  • Pets and animals should be kept away from the premises or safely confined during appointments.